Editor, I am sure that I am not alone among your readers to be horrified that an agent — even a major one — can act for four parties, trying to purchase a building (Leader, 11 July).

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I was always taught that you can only act for one, tenant or purchaser, and that if you choose to go to a bidder who is unlikely to be successful in his purchase, then you are stuck with that. I do not believe that Chinese Walls are impregnable .To go one stage further, I don’t believe they are rigorously adopted.

I am trying to buy a major investment and have chosen the party who I think may be the best bidder, despite the fact that I know three others to go to who would have retained me for early information about the investment disposal.

If I choose the wrong runner, then that is my bad luck, and good luck to one of the agents who picked the right one of the other three who are competing in the purchase. Perhaps the RICS should get involved.

Anthony Lorenz, MD, The Lorenz Consultancy