Office meeting

Source: Shutterstock/ George Rudy

With continued increases in business rates and further squeezes on company finances, there are many commercial pressures put on office spaces, and so the BCO guidelines are rarely followed.

The BCO currently recommends 86 sq ft to 108 sq ft of space per person, but on average, within the managed and serviced office industry, 30 sq ft to 75 sq ft of space per person is common practice, although this depends on the type of space being occupied and who the office provider is.

Regardless of the BCO’s new proposals, which you reported in ‘Make space for the office 2.0’, they will have little effect on the managed and serviced office industry.

Managed and serviced offices aren’t about cramming in as many desks as possible to make money – they are about creating a business hub within a local community.

The better office providers are the ones that provide something unique to occupiers and work with them to create desirable spaces. They are also the ones that add value to the building and help to increase footfall in the local area.

We’ve always promoted the benefits of open, spacious workplaces in desirable locations in central London, and we work with some of London’s largest estate managers to provide SME businesses with a slice of history and character, combined with the latest wellness and design trends – not only to attract and retain the best employees, but also to benefit their health and wellbeing.

Managed and serviced offices that continue to deliver quality over quantity will thrive and be less impacted by the BCO’s guidance, as they are already leading the way in meeting occupier demand for space, light and flexibility.

Edward Griffin, chief executive, WorkPad