Following up on the findings of our sentiment survey, I want to highlight some further details behind the British Property Federation’s Brexit position (27.01.17).

Melanie Leech

If Teddy Roosevelt were the UK prime minister now, facing the Brexit negotiations, would he still assert, as he is said to have done many years ago, ‘believe you can and you’re half way there’? Possibly that’s what Theresa May says to herself each night before bed.

The health of our sector and the broader economy are inextricably linked - we contribute around £95bn to the economy each year and support most, if not all, UK economic activity through the physical environments we create. The value we create also supports the financial health of individuals up and down the country through the pensions and savings we look after.

For our sector, as for others, maintaining confidence in the UK as a great place to invest and do business is paramount in what - despite the prime minister’s recent Brexit speech - are still uncertain times.

Our Brexit Manifesto has the public and private sectors working together to build a positive future

Confidence is particularly important for our sector because we attract global investment and those investors commit for the long term. Decisions need to be taken now if we are to have the physical infrastructure to support a thriving post-Brexit UK economy.

Our Brexit Manifesto has at its core the public and private sectors working together to maintain confidence and build a positive future for the UK economy and for real estate. This partnership will be important in driving development and it’s vital that we capture good practice. We have been working with the Local Government Association on this for some time and on 25 January we published updated guidance - Unlocking Growth Through Partnership - that demonstrates what can be achieved with determined and focused local leadership.

I hope that, at bedtime, Mrs May hears a voice reminding her that ‘if you don’t believe you can, you will never get there’. We need swift resolution of the current uncertainties to give investors the confidence to undertake the Brexit journey with us, and to emerge with a strong economy and the right physical environment to drive productivity and growth.

Melanie Leech, CEO, British Property Federation