What a brilliant article by Richard Tice of Quidnet Capital, outlining the opportunities of Brexit, as opposed to the short-term adjustment (01.07.16).

The benefits of controlling immigration and our own laws far outweigh any tariff the EU may impose.

The EU is now in the position of a bullying landlord, demanding too much rent, forcing a tenant to break his lease and then having to renegotiate in a weak lettings market.

Before the vote, the market across all sectors was virtually the most positive I have seen in five decades, and, in my opinion, it would have grown even further, with demand for offices outstripping supply, and so on.

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If we sort out a trade deal, there is absolutely no reason why a market that is fuelled by demand oversupply should be affected.

I am not an economist or a politician, but time will tell whether my guess is right - and to capture the impact of Richard’s expression, it will certainly catalyse a recession if ‘the glass is always half empty, never half full’.

Anthony Lorenz, managing director, Lorenz Consultancy