With reference to Oxford vs Cambridge (27.03.15), as a long-time practitioner in Cambridge, but ‘dark blue’ sympathiser (Oriel College in the 1980s), I have mixed feelings on the matter.

Microsoft, CB1 development, Cambridge

What I sense strongly in Cambridge is commonality of purpose. There is little debate between stakeholders about whether there should be growth; the debate revolves around how, when and where that growth can be accommodated.

Business leaders have no doubt about the potential here - Cambridge is a global centre for some of the technologies that will drive the economy in the next 20 years.

The biggest threat will come from its creaking infrastructure: can enough land be brought forward at the right time and in the right place to meet growth needs and can we develop a transport plan that keeps the city moving?

In a city with as much confidence and ambition as Cambridge, the solutions will be found.

It is a beautiful, remarkable little place and I would not swap for Oxford now. Just don’t expect me to cheer the light blues in any sporting contest.

Philip Woolner, director, Cheffins Commercial