Editor: The growing demand for alternative fuels in the road transport sector offers a significant opportunity for landowners and commercial property developers alike, but it is one few are aware of.



In order to meet the government’s 2025 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from HGVs by 15%, commercial vehicle operators – including supermarkets, parcel carriers and logistics fleets – are increasingly turning to natural gas to reduce their carbon footprint. But to meet this demand, the UK’s refuelling infrastructure needs to grow substantially.

At Gasrec, we supply natural gas to fleets from nine refuelling stations dotted around the UK, with several more in the pipeline. But we need more – many more. Current predictions suggest that as many as 190 refuelling stations will be required to meet national demand from truck fleets by 2027.

As such, we are actively seeking opportunities in locations close to where the biggest fleets are based. These could be either new-build developments or existing logistics parks close to arterial roads. There is a great opportunity for landowners to create additional income streams from smaller parcels of adjoining land that may not be suitable for ‘big sheds’.

We typically find natural gas refuelling is not on most developers’ radars, but it should be as the potential is huge. Adding an open-access gas refuelling station will dramatically increase the attractiveness of a site, both to potential occupants and the local planning authority.

We are eager to work with developers and be part of their plans from an early stage.

James Westcott, chief commercial officer, Gasrec