Editor: With the new year well and truly under way, it seems likely that we will start to see London become emptier, as prospective homebuyers shift their priorities in the wake of the pandemic and increasingly look for larger homes with gardens. This trend has been magnified now that hybrid working schemes have become a new normal for us all.

House for sale sign

Source: Shutterstock/ Willy Barton

So many people have paid over the odds for property, last year especially. Services can often overcharge in response to increased demand and a lack of available resources, and first-time homebuyers who have no knowledge and just want to complete the transaction as soon as possible can consequently pay above the recommended prices.

With a significant portion of people planning on moving out of London, it is important to consider moving costs to ensure that there are no hidden frees in providers and services who are capitalising on a potential surge – especially now that house prices have skyrocketed due to low supply in the property market.

With migration patterns heading steadily out of the city and into the regions, many will be navigating new geographies and consequently new suppliers to help with the move. It is vital to ensure that individuals are researching the best partners and platforms to ensure they don’t lose money as a result of lack of knowledge.

Simon Bath, chief executive, iPlace Global, and creator, Moveable