Editor: This week it was encouraging to see lots of positive coverage of the Prince of Wales’s plans to end homelessness for good. The proposed programme will emulate the Housing First model adopted in Finland and parts of the US, which aims to build apartments for homeless people and gradually remove the need for hostels.

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Source: shutterstock / dominika zara

There is some crossover here with Local Space’s model. As a charitable housing association specialising in providing high-quality, settled accommodation for key workers and those facing homelessness, we will always welcome any initiative to end homelessness – especially if it comes with a commitment to more funding, rather than a diversion from existing sources.

The Housing First model has proven successful in different environments. We would like to see it extended to tackle homeless families as well as individuals. We would also emphasise the need to tackle the stigma that exists around homelessness, whatever its cause. During this cost-of-living crisis, there has sadly been a marked increase in the number of people who are recorded as homeless or living in temporary accommodation.

At Local Space, we have a positive track record of helping people who have joined the list of the unintentionally homeless. It is a similar group to “the hidden homeless,” who the Prince of Wales is focused on helping.

We hope that his work in this area reinforces the need for security of tenure in high-quality and safe homes for people at risk of homelessness.

Above all, to really improve the lives of people at risk of homelessness for the long term, this country needs to re-prioritise the delivery of significant new quantities of social housing at a scale to really start to tackle the huge number of people in temporary accommodation.

Josie Parsons, chief executive, Local Space