I was pleased to read the letter from Graham White, about the property industry recognising the need to place staff wellbeing at the heart of workplace design and management.

Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park

The Land Trust is a national charity responsible for the management of green open spaces in perpetuity and we believe the creation of sustainable green open spaces can have a positive benefit on communities.
There is a growing body of evidence about the health, environmental, economic and social benefits of well-managed green space.

We believe the creation of green infrastructure should be an integral part of an effective development and not simply a requirement to meet planning consents or mitigate drainage and other liabilities. If, as the Chiswick Park research suggests, 95% of participants agree the environment enhances their productivity, it clearly makes commercial sense.

In recent years, the integration of green open space into residential developments has helped to create improved the communities where we live - but what about where we work? There is now sufficient evidence to show that the planning and integration of sustainable green infrastructure is as important to our developments as the transport and utility infrastructure.

Euan Hall, chief executive, the Land Trust