Editor: If we have any chance at all of reaching the government’s target of ‘net-zero’ emissions by 2050, then much more needs to be done to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles, or EVs (PropertyWeek.com).

Electric cars charging

Source: Shutterstock/ Sopotnicki

However, this is simply not possible without the charging infrastructure in place to support adoption and remove the anxiety of the driving public about being able to access electricity as easily as they can access petrol stations.

The fast rollout of EV charging points is crucial to the implementation of EVs. Right now, EV technology is advancing faster than EV charging points are being installed, so accelerating widescale installation is critical for adoption.

An EV will soon be the same cost as a car with an internal combustion engine and have a range of more than 300 miles.

The property industry is realising that there is a fantastic opportunity to get on the front foot and to help roll out charging points across the UK and to bring EV users to their assets. But the market can be confusing, with a number of different options and not that much transparency.

It’s imperative that we simplify the process so we can encourage investment across the property industry and offer our clients the ability to invest – there is a way to create new income streams and play a key part in making EVs on our roads a reality.

Ollie Saunders, lead director, alternatives, JLL