Editor: The mini-Budget sent shockwaves through the property market. As mortgage rates rocketed, the inverse was true for the hopes of property buyers.

This crisis sits against the backdrop of an already dire housing situation, with the Commons Public Accounts Committee commenting recently that current targets for building affordable homes were “depressingly unattainable”.

An additional 340,000 homes are needed to keep up with growing demand, with a large proportion of these properties being affordable. Without more affordable housing provisions, ordinary people risk being left behind.

For example, earlier this year, HSPG supported a healthcare assistant, Brenda, to buy a shared ownership property in Leeds and the positive effect on her life has been truly transformational.

Brenda now lives closer to her friends, family and grandchildren and has halved her travel time to work. Without these supported options, she would never have been able to afford to live where she does now.

Options such as these are especially pertinent for young people, who are half as likely to own their own home than Baby Boomers. To help ‘generation rent’, there must be more options to enable people to get on the housing ladder.

Home ownership options that directly cater to the average individual are more crucial than ever. Getting on the property ladder should not become an elusive goal under the control of market forces.

With the help of shared ownership options, people are given the opportunity to own a house they can call a home.

Real estate should always be about real lives. Housing is a firm foundation on which people build their lives and it is essential that it remains accessible to all.

Guy Horne, co-founder and chief executive, property investor HSPG