The more the world learns about climate change, the more we realise we all have a part to play in halting it – and that extends to how we live and particularly our housing. 

The push for greener homes and more sustainability is a clear signal to the property industry that we need to reflect that sustainable ethos in our operations.

One of the biggest concerns from the property industry regarding sustainability is that it needs to be a big outset in terms of change and cost. But all it takes is that first small step and choosing the sustainable choice at every step along the way. A good approach here is to choose the sustainable option for each service or resource as they reach the end of contracts or end of life.

To do that, we have to review all elements of the business to ensure we are making the green choice at every stage. With one small change can come a bigger windfall of positive impact that will ripple through the industry.

The public’s view is changing, as housebuyers and homeowners now expect the industry to do more to make properties green and to improve sustainability.

But it is not about making huge changes and shifting your entire network of branches to run on renewables overnight; it is about instilling a sustainable approach to business operations and taking the measurable small steps and trackable progress today that can help make the industry greener.

It is our responsibility to make changes that will help address the climate crisis and encourage a greener approach to property.

David Wilson, chief operating officer, Leaders Romans Group