Across the built environment sector and around the world, people of all genders, ages and backgrounds came together to celebrate the achievements of women with sincerity and enthusiasm. The day was a welcome opportunity to embrace accomplishment from women across the sector.

A project we are proud to be supporting is a new initiative from campaign group Part W, Women’s Work: London Map, which is shining a light on the phenomenal contribution women have made to the capital’s built environment.

Part W is building an illustrated map of the city pinpointing projects that women played pivotal roles in delivering. They need suggestions from the whole sector on which projects should be featured, and I encourage your readers to send their suggestions to @PartWCollective using #WomensWorkLondon.

To build the best possible places, it is crucial that there is a diverse range of voices feeding into any placemaking project. Therefore, it is imperative that the contributions of these voices are celebrated equally, so future generations of developers, architects, contractors and more can recognise themselves in those that have come before.

At Moda, we’re in the early stages of our growth in London, where we will champion people from all communities, as we do in all the cities we work in.

We’re also working with Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni on a new performance venue for Brighton Festival, The Riwaq, which will showcase her work while providing a new space for the arts community to come together and create.

Platforms such as IWD that give us the opportunity to hold up work from underrepresented communities are instrumental to the ongoing evolution of this sector.

Lydia Whitaker, head of wellbeing and marketing director, Moda Living