The trouble with calls from  Revo and the BPF for alternatives to the CVA system is that often the alternative is administration – and then what is the value of a legally binding lease?

Ann Summers

Graham Seaton works for Ann Summers, a retailer impacted by the high level of CVAs among other stores in the high street

By Graham Seaton, property asset manager at Ann Summers

For years, landlords have raked in the money. We have too many shops. Landlords must accept they are part of the problem and values will have to fall. The ghost of the upward-only rent review and engineered evidence has come back to haunt landlords, which  will now have to accept some pain.

I thought Revo sought to be the voice of the whole retail property industry, not just landlords.

Without CVAs, more retailers would go to the wall, resulting in more empty shops. Making life more difficult for a retailer in trouble is not going to help. We need politicians to be engaged, but in a positive way. We should not encourage retailer bashing.