Editor: It is heartening to see London’s vital signs start to improve as the city comes back to life, especially given the current uncertain outlook.

Despite this recovery, however, London has perpetually tracked below the national figure since the start of the pandemic, according to data from our UK Cities Recovery Index.

Furthermore, the difference between the two has only widened after the restrictions in England were relaxed on 19 July.

Why is this? For me, the answer is clear: London is our capital city, but it is also a leading global city, and now that the former is well on its way to recovery, we need to keep focused on its recovery as the latter.

While London’s long-term role as an international city will partly be resumed after restrictions are fully rolled back, pre-pandemic levels for international business travel may never be reached in light of climate concerns and cost efficiencies.

London must instead remain focused on what it has always done best: being the very best place to live, work, learn, shop, share ideas, break down barriers and dine – although I suspect some other global cities may have something to say about the latter!

Ros Goode, regional managing director of London, Avison Young