Estimates suggest 400,000 workers will be needed each year for the next five years if the government is to meet its housebuilding targets. We believe that this should be seen as an opportunity for both workers and companies in the industry.

As recruiters for the housebuilding sector, we know it is not a numbers game by any stretch of the imagination. With the increasing use of modular and offsite construction as well as BIM, recruiting the right new skills will be just as important.

Construction companies need to constantly be updating their skills bases if they are to keep up and in a deadline-driven industry that can be difficult.

However, far from this being a crisis for the construction industry, this need for 400,000 workers with a range of skills should be seen as an opportunity for employers to future-proof their workforces by targeting those with the right skills, or those willing to learn them, and offering training as the industry makes technological leaps.

Construction firms have no reason to balk at the 400,000 figure from Arcadis

The opportunity is there to offer training on future tech as part of apprenticeship courses or benefits packages. This could lure the best talent to join their workforces and not just from within the construction industry. The range of skills required creates a chance to attract talent from tech, finance and other industries as the opportunities within property become increasingly apparent.

In an industry that is rapidly modernising, housebuilders, developers and construction companies have no reason to balk at the 400,000 figure from Arcadis. Technology and talent go hand in hand, so this is an opportunity to develop that talent and as we do so build a workforce that can carry our industry into the future.

John Seasman, senior divisional director, Reed Property & Construction