Editor: Your recent market report on the ‘hotelification’ of office space highlighted the importance of creating high-quality workspace, but this hasn’t occurred solely in reaction to Covid and WFH.

In reality, ‘hotelification’ is not a direct response to the pandemic but rather a longer process of integrating wellness and best-in-class aesthetic design into these spaces, so working in an office can be as appealing as going to a high-end hotel to get creative and inspired, working with purpose among friends and colleagues.

In short, many developments were already integrating this offer long before WFH was a viable option for many businesses.

At ONE Station Hill, the flagship 275,000 sq ft office building at our Station Hill development in Reading, we recognised that providing a seamless guest experience was vital for the future of the office.

To attract occupiers back to the office, it is essential to blur the lines between uses and create more than just a place to work. For example, the south-west-facing roof terrace, CloudONE, will be available for all of our guests from dawn until dusk, offering everything from sunrise yoga to town-hall sessions.

Outside ONE Station Hill itself, guests will benefit from the wider development, comprising a new town square that will play host to a series of curated events, surrounded by artisanal restaurants, lifestyle-led retail and high-end fitness facilities accessed through a multitude of low-carbon transport options.

The ‘hotelification’ of the office is based on more than just the services we provide; it is about changing the fabric of office culture so it provides a space to support, nurture and cultivate talent.

Alex Aitchison, director of development, Lincoln Property Company UK