You quote Irvine Sellar as saying “a number of local residents felt the [Paddington Place ‘Pole’] tower was a bit too tall” (05.02.16).

Far from it being simply “a number of local residents”, your readers should know that it was Historic England, most London amenity societies, 1,900 signatories to one of London’s largest-ever planning petitions, more than 800 people who objected on the Westminster City Council website, senior architects and masterplanners such as Sir Terry Farrell and, most importantly, the overwhelming majority of Westminster’s councillors who objected strenuously to this ridiculous scheme.

As for it being “a bit too tall”, at 254 metres or more than 72 storeys, who is Sellar trying to fool? Westminster planning policy is clear. To quote: “This area is not suitable for tall buildings”.

Barbara Weiss, co-founder, Skyline Campaign