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So is the recognition that too many renting are at the risk of ‘no fault’ eviction. However, what Labour’s analysis misses is the role the private sector can play in tackling these issues.

For example, there is no reason much of the money looking to enter build-to-rent (BTR) could not go towards bankrolling affordable housing as well – some, such as L&G, are making a play into both.

Looking more broadly, if Labour wants to fix the rental market, it could back BTR, which is promising long-term tenancies, quality purpose-built homes and a new customer-centric service culture currently missing in the traditional PRS.

Lastly, we need to tackle the misconception around BTR being aimed solely at wealthy city dwellers, young professionals and millennials. At PLATFORM_, we price our apartments to be accessible to 60% of workers in the local area and have live schemes in commuter towns such as Bedford, Crawley and Stevenage. As the sector grows and matures, a greater variety of product at a range of price points will start to emerge.

Jean-Marc Vandevivere, chief executive, PLATFORM_