Occasionally, something comes along that makes the industry sit up and listen… or should do.

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This magazine’s Open Plan crusade is one such campaign and the Diversity Charter that you first published in February is another.

The charter does what it says on the tin. It aims to improve diversity across the property and construction industries by presenting us all with 10 very sensible, achievable goals. All we collectively have to do is sign up.

Therefore, in my role heading the Association of Women in Property and as part of an organisation - DTZ - that is already feeling the positive repercussions of our internal work to improve diversity, I would urge you to make that move, sign up to the charter and be part of something that really will make a difference.

This is a tremendously important opportunity for the industry and, be in no doubt, your colleagues, clients and bottom line will all reap the benefits.

Elspeth Burrage, National chairman of Association of Women in Property