Editor: Unfortunately, the new Code of Practice for commercial property came too little too late for the June rent quarter day (‘Government extends ban on tenant evictions and releases code of conduct’.

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Source: Shutterstock/Lucian Milasan

The majority of landlords and tenants are already seeking solutions that are in line with the code’s recommendations, so it offers little meaningful support to either camp.

Some landlords may welcome the code’s concession that allows them to focus their support on tenants that are experiencing ‘temporary hardship’ where survival may hang in the balance.

This means it is not the case that all tenants’ requests should be accommodated – a landlord is entitled to review the details of a tenant’s position and make an assessment in line with the guidance in the code.

Tenants will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief that the code has been accompanied by a government announcement that the restrictions on commercial landlords’ remedies due to end in June will now be extended until the end of September.

Emma Humphreys, partner, Charles Russell Speechlys