The headline “London Paramount theme park faces serious hurdles before becoming a reality” neither reflects your article, nor what we have experienced in what has been a year-long, four-stage public consultation process, involving more than 8,000 people.

We are hugely excited about the proposition and have been delighted to discover this perspective is shared by the majority of local residents.

This is a transformative project that could deliver significant economic and employment benefits, including up to 27,000 jobs and comprehensive investment benefits across Kent and Essex - a perspective shared by the vast majority of local residents and representatives in Dartford, Gravesham and Kent. Kent County Council, Dartford and Gravesham Borough Councils, the tourism body Visit Kent and the inward investment organisation Locate in Kent are onside - and we have received more than 1,000 comments since the process started.

The combination of Paramount Pictures, the BBC, Aardman Animations and an international rail link of just 17 minutes to London is unique. We don’t take anything for granted on this project - but what we absolutely know for sure is that the future is very exciting.

David Testa, chief executive officer, and Fenlon Dunphy, chief financial officer, London Paramount

Editor responds: Of course London Paramount is a hugely exciting development, but as with any scheme of its size it will attract opposition and as has been shown time and time again even a small minority of opponents can still provide a planning application with serious hurdles, which is why we considered the headline justified.