The Walkie Talkie is a deserving winner of this year’s Carbuncle Cup. It is an ugly and villainous edifice, which melted car parts, scorched bike seats and swept pedestrians off their feet.


How anyone thought this monstrosity would improve London’s skyline is beyond me. It is worth pointing out all the Carbuncle of the Year finalists failed to fit in with the character of the area.

So much development is bland and homogenised these days. New buildings often do little to reflect their surroundings.

You realise you could be anywhere: Delhi, Dallas or Dubai.

When we worked on Taylor Wimpey’s Music Box scheme in Southwark, we installed the London Centre of Contemporary Music in the retail space instead of the usual chain stores and we ensured the building’s architecture reflected the cultural richness of the area, with elements of music incorporated into the design.

Developers would do well to pay more attention to London’s story, instead of turning our great city into Dubai on Thames.

Jake Mason, chief executive, Evolve