Editor: We’re optimistic that 2022 will be a year of reform and that the important role of specialist supported housing will continue to be recognised for helping many more people live independent and healthier lives for longer while reducing the strain on higher-cost health and social care services.


We welcome the government’s commitment to boosting the development of supported housing and the social care white paper is an encouraging step in the right direction.

We would welcome the introduction of a special use classification for retirement living, to support a boost for the development of specialist retirement property in order to address demand.

A dedicated classification would serve to improve understanding of the sector among local authorities across the country, and increase the amount of retirement housing included in Local Plans.

The pandemic has highlighted the emotional and social benefits of living in a retirement community and these factors will continue to have a greater influence on people’s decisions when deciding how they want to spend their later life.

Our England-wide building programme continues at pace and we’re on track to deliver 5,700 new units over 10 years and look forward to providing more homes where people love living in the coming year.

Jane Ashcroft CBE, chief executive, Anchor