Editor: With regard to your recent feature on Section 106 payments, at any given time, there is likely to be a balance of unspent S106 funds, as contributions are received from developers throughout the year.

Given the nature of larger developments, S106 payments can be quite substantial, but are usually only paid when milestones are reached in developments, which can be difficult to predict.

As such, the council can choose to save the money in the short term so that it can be spent on larger projects down the line.

Havering Council currently has just over £4m in unspent S106 funding, which comes from 32 separate developments with a total of 45 separate contributions — an average of £91,000 per unspent contribution.

There are several types of projects we can use the S106 funds for, depending on the impact of the associated development, and we are currently considering plans within this framework that will best benefit the local community.

Councillor Damian White, leader, Havering Council