Félicie Krikler

Félicie Krikler

Félicie Krikler is director of Assael Architecture

  • Architects builders clients design meeting

    Collaboration is key to good design


    The most successful new places are hardly ever the vision of one person. They are usually the result of sustained collaboration – with the community, between architects, but also across sectors and disciplines and benefiting from being strongly driven by the clients.

  • Closed shops

    High streets need a non-retail fix


    As we start to envisage the end of the Covid crisis, our high streets and surrounding neighbourhoods will play a huge role in how we look closer to home for all those services or occupations we were previously travelling for.

  • Senior couple jogging

    New toolkit helps to create social value


    One positive trend to have emerged during lockdown is the growing importance people now place on physical activity and engaging with their local communities.

  • Generic office space

    Interaction is key to creativity


    Speculation that the Covid-19 crisis will herald the end of the office makes me think of Mark Twain’s quip that reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated. Just like Twain in 1897, the office has not died in 2020.

  • Old people

    Design is key in later-living sector


    My grandmother always told me that “until you’re 80, nothing changes, but after that your knees start to be sore when you get out of bed”.

  • Climate change

    Designing for a net-zero future


    London mayoral candidate Rory Stewart has faced a backlash after suggesting that trees should be planted on Regent Street. He tweeted that it was a “disgrace” that the historic street lacked greenery “crucial for the environment – carbon, air quality – but also for mental health and wellbeing”.

  • felicie pic

    It is up to us to rein in emissions


    When it comes to tackling climate change in the built environment, the prevailing philosophy seems to be that talk is cheap and action is expensive.

  • High street

    Let’s reimagine our high streets


    Debenhams has joined the ever-growing list of retailers that have fallen prey to the long, slow death of Britain’s high streets.

  • Félicie Krikler from Assael Architecture

    2019 forecast: Félicie Krikler (Assael Architecture)


    “While ever-taller towers in the City grabbed headlines last year, we need to remember that most buildings people interact with are homes and workspaces”

  • Green public park

    Property needs social as well as economic values


    The way in which value is conceived is slowly changing in the property industry.

  • Green public park

    What do high-rise and low-rise development have in common?


    It might sound like the start of a terrible industry joke, but it’s not. The answer to this question is, of course, the public realm. It is the often forgotten glue that holds cities together, linking the existing to the new, residential into commercial and people to place.

  • Multigenerational house credit esb professional shutterstock

    Architectural review: the rise of multi-generational communities


    One of the biggest shifts in recent years has been the surge of activism among younger voters. Some see this as a vital move to rebalance policymaking towards the young, but others see it as potentially wanting to drag us back to the 1970s.

  • Council estates, London

    A council house boom, or bluff?


    The additional £2bn of funding for affordable housing unveiled by the prime minister last week will help deliver 25,000 social rent homes over a period of 5 years - but that really is not a great deal considering the scale of our housing crisis.