Schroder REIT has announced an unaudited net asset value of £290.7m as at 31 December 2014, which equates to 56.1p a share.

This is a 1.8% rise in value per share from 30 September 2014, or a total NAV return of 3%.

Schroder’s total NAV return for the 12 months to 31 December 2014 was 24.5%.

On 20 November the REIT issued 47m ordinary shares raising £27m, which it used to acquire the University of Law campus in London for £34m.

The total raised by Schroder in 2014 was £84.4m, having issued 162.6m shares. It made nine acquisitions during the year totalling £120m at an average yield of 6.6%.

The REIT highlighted that although the momentum in the UK market is expected to continue in 2015, the “potential for capital market volatility and political uncertainty” will require “a disciplined approach to new investment”.

As a result Schroder will be targeting investment in stronger towns and cities that it expects to benefit from higher GDP and jobs growth.