Geeta Nanda

Geeta Nanda

Geeta Nanda is chief executive of Metropolitan Thames Valley

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    Time to promote sharing values


    As the country begins to emerge from the latest lockdown and the awe-inspiring efforts to roll out the vaccine continue, I feel a sense of optimism returning. For me, that hopefulness has ignited a renewed commitment to tackling one of the biggest challenges society faces: the housing crisis.

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    Affordable homes will play a vital role in the economy's recovery


    The activities of the housing, construction and property sectors have a tremendous economic impact. For every £1 spent on construction alone, £2.84 of economic activity is generated, with 90% of this spending retained in the UK. As the country looks to the post-pandemic recovery, our sector will have a massive ...

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    Shared ownership is fit for heroes


    Not a day goes by without new data or a survey from the housing industry being released. I’m sure we are all eagerly flicking through these articles to see what the future might hold. Frankly, the uncertainty is exhausting.

  • Predictions - what happens next

    What happens next? Geeta Nanda’s reforecast for 2020 and beyond


    In the second in our three-part series, figures from the residential and property finance sectors share their outlooks for a post-lockdown world.

  • Housebuilding

    We should prepare now for the great rebuild


    All of us are wondering what the future will look like. To my mind, one thing is clear – when we begin to emerge from this crisis, a huge effort will be needed to rebuild our economy, and building – in the true bricks-and-mortar sense of the word – must ...

  • Westhorpe Gardens

    Shared victory for social housing


    For property people, it doesn’t get much better than winning the Stirling Prize. It’s the new-building equivalent of the Booker Prize for literature or the Turner Prize for art. Past winners have included the glitzy and glamorous – perhaps none more so than last year’s £1.3bn Foster-designed Bloomberg HQ.

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    Shared ownership’s time has come


    There is no denying the success of Help to Buy. From its launch in April 2013 to December 2018, a total of 211,000 loans were granted under the scheme, with a total value of £11.7bn.

  • Modern flats

    Time to get creative with funding


    If anyone was clinging to the hope that by now the government might be ready to turn its attention to something other than Brexit, it looks like we will all have to wait a bit longer.

  • Geeta Nanda

    2019 forecast: Geeta Nanda (Metropolitan Thames Valley)


    ”Post Grenfell, there will rightly be more focus on safety and compliance, and increased investment in existing housing stock”

  • Social housing

    Social housing loses out to home ownership fixation


    When you think ‘social tenant’ or ‘social rent’, the word ‘subsidised’ is never too far away. Characterisation of social tenants as underprivileged and a burden on the state remains commonplace. The government’s social housing green paper reported that 90% of social housing residents felt the media projected this stereotype of ...

  • Flats

    Green paper is mixed bag for housing associations


    Some of you returning recently from your holidays might have hoped that by the time you got back, there would have been greater clarity on Brexit – but perhaps you should have taken an extended break.

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    Housing associations: what's in a name?


    It’s not often that social housing hits the headlines of the Financial Times, but recently the publication carried the headline ‘Blackstone stirs social housing row’.

  • New homes

    Home truths: housing associations can step in where the market fails


    Iwas 24 when I bought my first home. It was a very small flat on a main road with a train line running at the bottom of the garden – not great, but it was secure.

  • Housebuilding

    More investment in affordable housing needed


    Home truths: the phrase ‘there is no silver bullet to fix the housing market’ has been used many times and, of course, it is true

  • Grenfell Tower

    We need to get housing to the top of the agenda


    As summer fades, September feels like the start of a new term. Needless to say, housing has slipped off the priority list for many in Westminster. So, as MPs return from the summer recess, we should work to get it back to the top of the agenda.

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    The UK needs social housing now more than ever


    Recent events have highlighted some big gaps in our society. The general election served to show that the divisions from last year’s EU referendum remain and are unlikely to heal any time soon, while the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy has shockingly underlined how we have disregarded housing support for those ...

  • Amsterdam

    Going Dutch could radicalise the rental market


    Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my Dutch housing association counterparts to try to explain to them how the London market works and how people struggle to afford to live in London. Discussing this out loud really brought home just how broken the market is.

  • Thamesmead approach

    Affordable housing has made a huge difference to people – but there is still a long way to go


    As Shelter turns 50, we can see the huge effect that affordable housing has had on people’s lives.

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    Diverse business models work in uncertain times


    Housebuilding is a notoriously fair-weather game. Since the Brexit vote, we have seen share prices go down and up, confidence plummet and return and land buying put on hold until some certainty returns.

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    What would Brexit mean for UK housing associations?


    Should I stay or should I go? Lines from the famous Clash song play in my head as the EU vote draws nearer.

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