Helen Gordon

Helen Gordon

Helen Gordon is chief executive of Grainger



  • Helen Gordon

    Grainger’s Helen Gordon on levelling up in action


    With HS2 in the news and some questioning the government’s commitment to levelling up, towns and cities across the UK are now positively benefiting from regional investment in build to rent (BTR).

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    ​Grainger’s Helen Gordon on the importance of clarity


    With housing likely to be a key focus of any election campaign, there have been several positive signs recently that both sides understand that supply is the fundamental issue and a driver of the housing crisis, which is encouraging.

  • Helen Gordon

    ​Grainger’s Helen Gordon on why landlord bashing won’t fix the real problem of supply


    Recently, several mainstream media channels have covered the health of the UK rental market and the plight of renters across the country. From rising rents to lack of stock, high demand, poor-quality homes and generally bad experiences, the image of landlords has taken a further bashing.

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    Helping residents to save energy


    It was encouraging to hear chancellor Jeremy Hunt talking to the Select Committee recently about the government’s ambitions to help people with energy saving by providing tips and advice, but also advocating for people to take responsibility for their own energy consumption as part of a government campaign.

  • Welsh housing

    BTR is stable in uncertain times


    In uncertain times for real estate, the build-to-rent (BTR) sector is proving resilient in terms of yields, rents and investor appetite.

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    Separating home from the office


    It has been great to see the streets of London so much busier in recent weeks. Life is returning to the city’s office hubs and a more ‘normal’ way of working life is materialising.

  • Rent signs

    BTR has a key role to play in levelling up


    We welcomed Michael Gove as the new secretary of state dealing with housing and communities, and now levelling up, even if the new department name, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, doesn’t trip off the tongue.

  • Rent signs

    Education is key to BTR’s growth


    While the UK build-to-rent (BTR) sector is in the headlines for all the right reasons and attracting investment from those who can see its huge growth potential and proven resilience, there is still much to do to educate others on the key differences of the BTR sector compared with housing ...

  • Community

    How BTR can help build recovery


    After a few false starts, current signals suggest we are gradually heading back to a more ‘normal’ way of life. Increasingly, when I speak to people over Zoom they are in the office and my favourite restaurants are booked solid.

  • Diversity

    The changing face of real estate


    Something struck me on Grainger’s recent ‘CEO new starter meeting’ Zoom call.

  • Wellbeing

    Health is now the priority on the home front


    Experience of the pandemic has taught us many things, but the importance of our health and wellbeing, and that of our family and friends, sits front and centre. Many people are now recognising the importance and need to focus on their physical and mental health and the importance of the ...

  • Predictions - what happens next

    What happens next? Helen Gordon’s reforecast for 2020 and beyond


    In the second in our three-part series, figures from the residential and property finance sectors share their outlooks for a post-lockdown world.

  • Construction

    It’s time to redefine our industry


    There’s never a dull moment in the property sector, but the past year has had plenty of twists and turns with Brexit, a general election and Covid-19. Last July, I had the honour of being appointed as president of the British Property Federation (BPF) and as I reach the end ...

  • Working from home

    We are all reshaping how we live


    If 2019 was the year of uncertainty, 2020 is the year that started upbeat but by the end of the first quarter we were reeling from something we had never heard of.

  • Office meeting

    We need to step up and do more


    I have just returned from a fascinating trip walking in Napoleon’s footsteps. Those who know me might think I have an unhealthy obsession with this diminutive leader, but I have always taken an interest in how people can succeed despite not fitting normal perceptions – in Napoleon’s case, of a ...

  • Flats

    Cautious welcome for the government's rental plans


    The UK desperately needs two things: more homes and a better rental sector. The government’s proposal to abolish section 21 could support this, but only if the court process is strengthened and expedited.

  • clippers quay

    PRS can boost UK’s productivity


    Since the global financial crisis, Britain’s GDP has lagged perilously behind that of the other G7 economies. Despite working more hours than the US, Germany and France, Britain falls significantly short when compared with their productivity levels. Brexit aside, I believe this is our biggest issue as a country.

  • Brexit

    PRS is well placed to weather a 'no deal' Brexit storm


    It’s hard to remember a time when Brexit didn’t dominate the news and irrespective of political stance, it’ll be a nice respite when it’s no longer in the headlines every day.

  • Roof terrace, Argo

    Healthy homes can help relieve pressure on the NHS


    The concept of ‘wellness’ is one trend that has really struck a chord with Grainger and our customers. It influences how we are designing and operating our buildings.

  • Apex house scheme, Seven Sisters

    We must explain BTR better to stop poor policy decisions


    The build-to-rent (BTR) sector has come a long way in the past few years. The benefits of BTR to accelerate housing delivery, increase supply and improve housing standards are beginning to be recognised.

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