We reveal the Top 20 locations for first-time buyers and downsizers, ranked by location specialist CACI



First-time buyers

Poplar, Tower Hamlets

Poplar, Tower Hamlets

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Not surprisingly, 10 of the top 20 districts across the UK with a higher proportion of likely first-time buyers are in London, with Tower Hamlets topping the overall ranking.

What this ranking does not take into consideration is affordability and it is highly probable that most of those likely first-time buyers will not be able to afford to buy in their local area, meaning they will be forced to rent or move away to get on the housing ladder.

Areas outside London that feature prominently include Nottingham, Oxford and Bristol, which are all cities with high volumes of young professionals.

Top 20 locations for first-time buyers

DistrictRegionProportion of likely first-time buyers vs UK average*
Tower Hamlets London 2.1
Nottingham East Midlands 2.1
Wandsworth London 2.0
Islington London 2.0
Lambeth London 1.9
Oxford South East 1.9
Bristol South West 1.9
Leicester East Midlands 1.9
Hackney London 1.9
Hammersmith and Fulham London 1.8
Manchester North West 1.8
Southampton South East 1.8
Brighton and Hove South East 1.8
Camden London 1.8
Southwark London 1.8
Portsmouth South East 1.8
Exeter South West 1.8
Westminster London 1.7
City of London London 1.7
Lincoln East Midlands 1.7

*For example, there are 2.1 times as many likely first-time buyers in Tower Hamlets compared with the average for the UK as a whole




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Coastal districts dominate the downsizers ranking. Nine of the top 10 districts across the UK with the highest proportion likely downsizers are in the south of England and seven of the top eight are in the South West.

This is due to the average age, life stage and affluence of people in these parts of the UK. The south coast is often cited as a place for people to move to when they retire and our stats support this.

The only district in the entire top 20 not to fall into the south of England is East Lindsey, which is in the East Midlands. This is another coastal region encompassing Skegness and Sutton-on-Sea.

Top 20 locations for downsizers

DistrictRegionProportion of likely downsizers vs UK average
Torbay South West 1.7
Christchurch South West 1.7
West Somerset South West 1.7
Rother South East 1.6
East Devon South West 1.6
Weymouth and Portland South West 1.6
West Dorset South West 1.6
Eastbourne South East 1.6
Arun South East 1.5
East Lindsey East Midlands 1.5
East Dorset South West 1.5
Isle of Wight South East 1.5
Teignbridge South West 1.4
Shepway South East 1.4
Worthing South East 1.4
Torridge South West 1.4
Thanet South East 1.4
Isles of Scilly South West 1.4
North Devon South West 1.4
Bournemouth South West 1.4

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