Hugo Llewelyn

Hugo Llewelyn

Hugo Llewelyn is managing director of Newcore Capital

  • Detroit social decay

    Factor social good into equation


    Property has had a largely dismal time in the past 18 months. Some of the UK’s biggest REITs reported £7bn of losses for the year to 31 March, several open-ended funds threw in the towel and there was the realisation that government was on the side of the tenant, not ...

  • Housing estate

    Housing crisis is not planners’ fault


    The received wisdom is that the planning system is to blame for the shortage of housing that we face in the UK. This is patently wrong and needs challenging.

  • New houses

    Some home truths about ESG


    One positive thing to emerge from the first stage of this coronavirus rewiring is that institutional investors and forward-thinking fund managers have not forgotten previous commitments to environmental, social and corporate governance.

  • The Pro-Bono Challenge logo

    Time for big players to do their bit


    Getting the UK property industry to deliver and measure true social impact, as a cogent part of their wider stakeholder strategies, is proving much more difficult than Property Week and Newcore had envisaged when we launched the Pro Bono Challenge at RESI last September.

  • The Pro-Bono Challenge logo

    It’s time to showcase good work


    Newcore Capital and Property Week are launching The Pro Bono Challenge at RESI this month.

  • Construction

    Development as a force for good


    At Newcore, we are out twisting the arms of the wealthy and generous of Oxford and the South East to raise £3m of extra funds to regenerate a church, crèche, café, drugs outreach and community centre in one of the poorest parts of Oxford.

  • WeWork South Bank

    Technology-first view misses the wider societal point


    In the last tech boom of 1998-2000, UK property investment went out of vogue as investors flooded to risky but novel technology and internet companies, many of which had strategies that were hard to understand.

  • Building

    It's time to sacrifice profits to rebalance society


    Recent events have provided further evidence of the ideological and socio-economic divide that exists today in the UK.

  • Hugo Llewelyn

    For profit and social impact can go hand in hand


    As investors in social-infrastructure-related property, we spend a lot of time dealing with D1 use classes - education, healthcare and the like - and the conversion of religious and community-led buildings (also D1/D2) to such uses.

  • Hugo

    Institutional investors increasingly eye up alternatives

    8 August 2014 - TABLET EDITION

    With investment in alternatives on the rise, there are opportunities across all elements of the risk spectrum.

  • Hugo Llewelyn

    Follow the white rabbit — invest in ‘virtual resistant’ real estate

    28 March 2014

    An analogy of film, The Matrix, makes a good point on investment, according to Hugo Llewelyn.

  • Hugo Llewelyn

    Cradle-to-grave property is a core business

    08 November 2013

    “Alternative” real estate, which is gaining in popularity among UK institutional property investors, is alternative by name, but not by nature.