• Brexit

    Article 50 should be revoked


    I am a Brexiteer and have spent a great deal of time explaining and arguing why I believe that leaving the EU was a bold and important move.

  • People working in office

    Why cutting cost is no longer king in corporate real estate strategy


    In an uncertain climate, cutting cost is often integral to business strategy. So it may come as a surprise that corporate real estate managers are increasingly ranking employee engagement and talent attraction and development ahead of cost when it comes to corporate real estate strategy. This was one of the ...

  • Brexit

    Article 50 extension may have been worst option


    Editor: Property investors pursuing purely opportunistic strategies will be disappointed with last week’s agreed Article 50 extension, which postponed an imminent hard Brexit. Likewise, real estate brokers looking for market movement will have found little to be cheerful about given extended uncertainty (

  • Brexit

    Brexit: remain and get the best deal


    Editor: I write in response to some of the claims Richard Tice made in his letter supporting his view that the UK should leave the EU for our economic benefit .

  • Proptech

    Time to wake up to value of data


    Two years ago this month, the renowned real estate academic Andrew Baum, in a report for Oxford University’s Said Business School on proptech, pointed to a clash of generations and cultures between the real estate industry and the tech pioneers. 

  • Houses in London

    Aligning purpose and performance


    Are purpose and performance irreconcilable and to what extent are they only achievable at the expense of each other?

  • Parliament 2019

    Parliament’s restorative dome


    Given the mood of the country, pitchforking parliamentarians into a shed in Tamworth and bulldozing their decaying talking shop would win more votes than spending £4bn restoring the Palace of Westminster. Insurers may view the shower (water, not people) that caused the Brexit debate to be suspended on 4 April ...

  • Bermondsey Square London

    Culture can unlock regeneration


    Given the well-documented challenges in retail and the threat to traditional offices posed by co-working, you could argue the days of the traditional anchor tenant are numbered. Many high-street brands that investors could rely on to draw in other occupiers have either gone under or face considerable financial difficulty.

  • Battersea Power Station

    The power is back on at Battersea


    Battersea Power Station has been called the ‘Everest of real estate’ because of the challenges it has presented to those who have looked to undertake the development over the years.

  • Modern flats

    Time to get creative with funding


    If anyone was clinging to the hope that by now the government might be ready to turn its attention to something other than Brexit, it looks like we will all have to wait a bit longer.