• Construction of houses

    How Dublin plans to rezone brownfield land for housing developments


    Dublin aims to boost housing provision by rezoning industrial land for mixed-use schemes, but site assembly could be a protracted process. 

  • Arlene van Bosch1

    Q&A: Arlene van Bosch on U+I's Dublin schemes


    U+I’s first development director for Ireland, Arlene van Bosch, tells Emanuele Midolo about her responsibilities in the new role and the progress of several mixed-use schemes in Dublin.

  • Workplace tech

    The time to tap into data is now


    You’ve heard the phrase ‘data is the new oil’ and seen the headlines waxing lyrical about its transformational power and future-proofing potential. However, the industry’s focus on the future is having an impact on its ability to act today.

  • Social housing

    It’s disheartening to see new housing standards slip


    Editor: London has a long tradition of progressive and sustainable social housing projects. From the late 1800s onwards, organisations such as the Guinness Trust and Peabody have made great improvements to the capital’s housing stock and enabled generations to live in areas throughout central London.

  • Amazon parcel

    Amazon misjudged New York climate


    Editor: I was disappointed that Steve Cuozzo’s recent column  presented such a one-sided version of a complex situation.

  • Falcon Real Estate Development - North Quays

    North Quay scheme set to boost growth of Waterford


    Waterford has long lagged behind its rivals in attracting investment, but the €350m North Quays scheme promises to be a catalyst for future growth.

  • Mipim 2019

    Nervousness did not equal inaction at Mipim 2019


    It would be remiss not to begin this column in the aftermath of Cannes 2019 without commenting on my own personal views from Mipim. Glorious sunshine for the three days I was in Cannes masked what has generally been a pretty nervous real estate industry. Whether the nervousness is around ...

  • Boxpark Wembley Park

    Retail's evolution into other dimensions


    It is no secret that retail has been having a hard time. The perfect storm of online competition, business rates and changing consumer habits has conspired to make the high street a tough place to compete. Part of the issue has been the historic focus on three-dimensional physical space; part ...

  • Store sale

    Finance is key to retail survival


    EY’s latest profit warnings data shows that firms in the FTSE General Retailers Index issued 36 profit warnings in 2018, the highest annual total since 2011 and 50% more than in 2017.

  • Regent Street

    Politicians crush confidence


    The stoicism of the British shopper has been reaffirmed since the EU referendum. Putting rabid remainers and leavers to one side – people who frankly deserve each other (Jacob Rees-Mogg and Anna Soubry should help the nation by eloping and going somewhere else) – despite the wearing political chaos, folks ...