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  • WeWork

    Spotlight on asset management


    WeWork’s travails have thrown the spotlight on the UK property world’s asset management expertise.

  • Generic finance graph fall

    Lenders still have appetite for alternative sectors


    Editor: Your article, ‘ Lenders reveal extent of fears about retail property and WeWork ’, rightly highlights some of the fears and scepticism from lenders following recent events, as illustrated by the upturn in yields.

  • Houses

    National Design Guide much needed


    Editor: Housing secretary Robert Jenrick’s warning to developers about poor homes is a timely reminder of the need for quality design, and the value of the recently released National Design Guide .

  • Finance generic

    Why institutional funders are increasingly attracted to non-bank lenders


    There is nothing new about non-bank lenders focusing on the real estate sector. They have been around for a while and the trend has been exacerbated by the ongoing inability and unwillingness of more traditional forms of finance to evolve.

  • felicie pic

    It is up to us to rein in emissions


    When it comes to tackling climate change in the built environment, the prevailing philosophy seems to be that talk is cheap and action is expensive.

  • Derwent London - Brunel Building

    Simple buildings, complex uses


    An intriguing insight into the relationship between architecture, development and investment comes from Yolande Barnes, formerly global research director at Savills, now a professor at, and chair of, the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, University College London.

  • Co-living

    Airbnb to be less disruptive in business travel market


    Editor: Airbnb announced last month that it would be going public in 2020, either via IPO or a direct listing. Whichever route it decides towards a $30bn (£23bn) to $40bn float, we do not believe it will have a significant impact on the UK hotel sector.

  • WeWork Moorgate London

    How to tackle flex space valuations


    Editor:  The RICS insight report into flexible workspace valuation published earlier this month is a welcome development in efforts to provide the market with an agreed valuation approach .

  • Workspace

    What next for flexible offices?


    The flexible office market continues to boom. New and longstanding firms jostle to stake their claim – and as I have said before, there’s plenty of space in the forest for everyone to co-exist.

  • University graduates

    Bridging the town-gown gap


    The more time you spend in the real estate sector, the more you realise that most of us live in a cocoon, entirely unaware of the broader world around us. Our methods are outdated and some of the thinking is stale. We can be slow to recognise new trends, reluctant ...

  • WeWork Moorgate London

    Working out WeWork worries


    The mounting difficulties facing WeWork in recent weeks have naturally raised questions, not only for the company’s investors and many thousands of tenants but also for landlords.

  • David Parsley index

    Old school Ritblat set to gain favour over nouveau Candy in Capco battle


    There was a time when the Ritblat name meant a lot more than the name Candy in the property world. Clearly no longer. 

  • Greggs

    Sustainability is retail’s salvation


    Retail is facing a universal issue – caution – and in great waves.

  • Building house

    Homes England is transforming


    Since returning from the RESI Convention last month, I’ve been reflecting on the changes I’ve seen at Homes England since I joined almost two years ago.

  • Elephant and castle

    Elephant and Castle’s 20 year journey


    A judicial review of the shopping centre plans is just the latest hurdle in Elephant and Castle’s 20-year journey. Adam Branson charts the highs and lows as the wider scheme finally takes shape

  • Wework

    WeWork: This is not a paradigm shift


    I’ve consistently tried to be careful about editorialising on WeWork. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I was quoted in Property Week a couple of years ago as saying that WeWork was coming up in meetings so often that we needed a WeWork swear jar. We never did ...

  • Climate change

    Time to act on climate change


    If there was ever a moment that perfectly encapsulated the role that the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) plays in uniting, inspiring, advocating and enabling change within the built environment, it was Friday 20 September in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

  • Nowsad Gani

    ‘It’s no longer about money’ - interview with Nowsad Gani


    Nowsad Gani has quietly amassed a sizeable business buying land, securing planning and then developing or selling it. The Ganco founder tells Simon Creasey how he now plans to revolutionise social housing

  • Gasrec-refuelling-facilities

    Developers should capitalise on natural gas demand


    Editor: The growing demand for alternative fuels in the road transport sector offers a significant opportunity for landowners and commercial property developers alike, but it is one few are aware of.

  • O2 Arena, Greenwich

    Music venues key to future of cities


    Editor: The benefits that music, recreation and culture bring to our cities have been ignored for too long by owners and stakeholders.