Without question, a clear Brexit resolution must be a priority for early 2019. It is also imperative that our industry focuses on how to rejuvenate our high streets and addresses the need for a radical shake-up of both transaction charges and occupational taxes.

A Elliott

Unquestionably, clarity around Brexit will boost our markets, give confidence to business and encourage greater investment and much-needed commitment to developments across the country.

Logistics, PRS and retirement living will continue to outperform. Offices will be steady as we go. Retail will continue its transition, but with activity developing as pricing finds its base. Hotels, student property, healthcare and other alternatives will continue to attract interest.

Resolution: This is an easy one: assuming our politicians continue to let us down, to try to avoid the news and continue to build a business for the long term, since we have to hope they will get it right one day.

Alistair Elliott, senior partner and group chairman of Knight Frank

2019 forecasts: what lies ahead