With trade wars, Brexit and populist movements worldwide taking centre stage, 2019 could be a very rocky year.

Angelica Donati

The property market, which is at the very tail end of the cycle, is particularly at risk. That said, with uncertainty comes change, and I’m looking forward to an exciting year for proptech where I hope we will see user adoption becoming more entrenched.

I think we will see a lot of rationalisation. Hype-driven me-too investments are going to be replaced with a measured search for great solutions to real problems. It will be a big year for construction tech, which has to date operated in the shadows compared with asset management and leasing-type operations.

Resolution: To be bold. In times of turmoil, great opportunities can arise and I want to be well placed to embrace them.

Angelica Donati, chief executive at Donati Immobiliare

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