I think more developers will adopt less labour-intensive, more efficient and cost-effective ways of working.

Beth West

We can start by making better use of technology. At Landsec, we’re making sure our proposition is fit for the future by really making the most of technologies such as building information modelling. BIM allows us to create 3D models that explore the intricacies of a development down to the last pipe, before construction even begins. This means we get it right first time, avoiding delays and saving money. Greater efficiency also helps us reduce our impact on the environment.

Landsec is pursuing ambitious, science-based carbon and energy reduction goals through initiatives such as investing in LED lighting. Since 2016, we have invested £2m in LEDs, saving over 4 million kWh of electricity and £500,000 every year that can be passed through to our customers. I hope to see more progress in this area across the whole sector.

Resolution: I’m fortunate to work for a company where diversity is really embedded in our values and actively encouraged across all that we do. For the past six years, we have been engaging with different communities to boost employment across under-represented groups in the sector. One of my goals is to keep pushing ourselves to change the outdated notions of what a ‘property professional’ looks like and inspire more people to envision a career in the industry. And yoga. Lots of yoga.

Beth West, head of development, London portfolio, Landsec


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