We face political uncertainties, slowing business confidence and investment and structural changes in the ways consumers are spending.

Brian Bickell

These challenges are interconnected. I hope to see a return to strategic thinking and leadership, based on realism not fantasy, which will replace the fractious and divisive atmosphere we are enduring.

We expect the West End’s economy to continue to grow and outperform despite national headwinds. Sustained demand for space in our carefully curated locations in Carnaby Street, Soho, Covent Garden and Chinatown will enable us to introduce new concepts and formats to adapt to ever-changing tastes and expectations and support the prosperity of our tenants. Make it fun and they will come!

Resolution: To continue to advance rational arguments to support my views and challenge with respect those who take a different stance. If we are grown up about our differences there is hope we can come together and start to address the real problems that face so many communities and where our industry can play a major role in improving people’s lives and prospects.

Brian Bickell, chief executive at Shaftesbury

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