After all the recent CVAs in the casual dining sector and with Brexit looming, we expect operators to be even more cautious in their approach to expansion.

Camilla Topham

With fewer branded operators in the market, we foresee a further influx of independents taking advantage of opportunities to expand.

We will see more variations on experiential leisure uses and hope to see landlords working more collaboratively with tenants to support them in tough market conditions.

Consumers have been moving and will continue to move towards more authentic food and beverage experiences. They need to be welcomed and nurtured by landlords who need to recognise the value they create.

Resolution: We are very proud of what we’ve achieved in the six months since launching Distrkt. We hope to grow this year through recruitment and by launching our consultancy arm Distrkt +, where we will collaborate with specialist partners to provide in-depth advice to clients.

Camilla Topham, co-founder of Distrkt

2019 forecasts: what lies ahead