We need Brexit to be settled, the process for CVAs to be made more honest and trade wars to end.

Duncan Owen of Schroders

Investors need to focus on strong fundamentals of occupiers and winning cities, as well as key structural changes. I would also prepare to be contrarian and rebalance away from some of the recent top performers. Investment volumes are down, but global capital has never been more available. It could be a year of pricing corrections, offering some great opportunities for well-capitalised investors.

The big concern is the economic and market cycle. We may not be at the peak of market pricing for one to three years, but no one will be surprised if we are there now.

Resolution: To make sure our real estate teams have fun in 2019. It has been a very long period of hard work. On a personal front, my family are my priority, so getting the balance right to support them and my wife.

Duncan Owen, global head of real estate, Schroders