Domestically, I am hoping that British politicians start to actually act for the benefit of the people. The debacle over Brexit has gone on for far too long. The British people will continue to keep their chins up, but we could all do with some actual relief.

Ed Fowkes

Globally, I hope the world wakes up to the need for policies that address the environmental crisis we are facing. To date, policies always favour world trade over world husbandry. A shift of this sort would help to revolutionise many industries and promote growth in renewable energy, offsite building and carbon capture. Unfortunately, as the companies in traditional power will lose out, a tangible shift is yet to be seen.

I expect that funds investing in UK real estate will lose some of their current hesitancy. It’s not an easy market for anyone trying to help with housing delivery. But there is such a demand, and a strong desire to deliver, that I feel even a small uplift to sentiment could produce a significant result. The mood across the real estate industry seems to be to find a model that works despite the uncertainties of Brexit.

Resolution: Professionally, Prosperity Capital and I are committed to help with the creation of worthwhile communities. We wish to forge productive relationships with local authorities so we can make our input relevant to the local areas in which we work. We are resolved to bring another significant BTR scheme into our pipeline in 2019, alongside several smaller schemes that will complement our more institutional focus. We will continue with our PBSA pipeline as well. Personally, I intend to get more involved with charities. I also want to make sure I focus on my family and my health as work has got in the way more than I’d like.

Ed Fowkes, development director at Prosperity Capital

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