Cardiff is currently delivering the biggest commercial property development Wales has ever seen on the north and south of the city centre’s Central Railway Station.

Huw Thomas

We are the fastest-growing city in the UK outside London and it’s this incredible positivity and belief in Cardiff as a fantastic place to live, work and do business that I want to see firmly established in 2019.

There is little doubt that in a post-Brexit Britain the Welsh capital is Wales’s greatest asset and best economic opportunity. The city will continue to thrive, acting as an economic catalyst for the surrounding city region. We want to attract even more inward investment, bringing more well-paid jobs, and we want to ensure growth is sustainable.

Resolution: My administration’s Capital Ambition agenda has set out clear aims for the city over the next few years. We will progress work on a new 15,000-seater indoor arena in Cardiff Bay, work will begin on the city’s new transport interchange and there are ambitious plans to develop south of the railway station. My resolution is to ensure every citizen gets to play their part in the city’s success.

Huw Thomas, leader at Cardiff council

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