The proposed transformation of the Oxford Street District is a key project for us this year and I hope that all partners will come together to deliver the ambitious scheme proposed by Westminster City Council to ensure the nation’s high street continues to thrive.

Jace Tyrrell

I hope there is more certainty around Brexit. The long-term implications for London’s West End retailers and property owners who rely on free trade, access to labour and international investment could be profound.

This will be the year technology and data take over large aspects in business. How businesses manage their data will be key to their evolution and survival.

In London’s West End, we are launching a ground-breaking insights programme with PwC that uses a wealth of anonymised data sources to create a detailed picture of the behaviour of visitors to our area. This world-first programme will help our member businesses develop bespoke strategies and experiences to attract customers.

Resolution: It’s a big birthday this year so I’m aiming to be heathier on my birthday than I was 10 years ago. I will also continue to learn Mandarin. It is after all the century of China.

Jace Tyrrell, chief executive, New West End Company