Business has shown remarkable resilence during this intense period of Brexit debate.

James Raven Arlington

Views seem more extreme and unrealistic than ever. The nature of politics and the media is driving a firm wedge between the establishment and ordinary people, and calling into question the fundamentals of democracy.

My hope is simply that a clear direction, one way or another, and a period of stability can prevail, allowing business and the country to plan and move on.

Smaller UK growth sectors will continue to drive the core market, Brexit or no Brexit, with quality, breadth of offer and flexibility being ever more important.

Larger occupiers will continue the shift towards ‘core and flex’ and remain cautious. Investors will try to buy where value could exist but there will be few willing and no forced sellers.

Genuine sellers will become more realistic about their buyers’ need to make a return because cheap or uneducated capital is elusive. Prime will stay hot, development will be very limited and riskier assets will soften.

Resolution: Professionally, to redouble our efforts reinvesting in Arlington, continuing the journey towards creating a series of fit-for-the-future, amenity-rich environments that meet customer aspirations. Personally, I want to nail a halfway-decent freestyle windsurfing move after decades of trying.

James Raven, group managing director, Arlington



My genuine hope is that the UK gets back to properly addressing the big social challenges of our age rather than being distracted by Brexit. Increasing the supply of new housing, raising skills levels at all ages to improve productivity and decarbonising our environment all need a greater focus.

I expect the market to stabilise after the political choppiness. The fundamentals for our part of the industry remain in place – people need well-designed, well-thought-out places to live and commercial occupiers need well-connected, energy-efficient space in a market where not enough new units are being built to support growth.

Resolution: To deliver a fifth year of double-digit returns to the market. Personally, I intend to kayak past a couple of our major developments that are either river or canal connected to get a different view of what we do.