I hope 2019 will see the emergence of a ‘Macronesque’ character in UK politics.

John Slade

Our economy needs a strong leader of government, who a decent number of politicians and people rally behind. We need stability.

I expect we will stumble towards a Brexit solution, but I don’t think it will happen soon. It could easily drift to the second part of the year or beyond.

In terms of the impact on the market, I don’t think pricing will be as affected as some people would think or hope.

Activity may be down, but beyond the high street, where it’s time to run for cover, there will be few forced sellers. A continued low-interest-rate environment (unless Brexit is a disaster) will underpin low yields in London.

Resolution: Personally, it’s to solve my bad back so I can return to my terrific tennis career and speedy skiing. Professionally with Evans Randall, I would like to get involved with a major London scheme in terms of design, character and community to make a real difference. I would like to further establish Duff & Phelps as the go-to firm for financial valuation advice.

John Slade, executive chairman, Evans Randall Investors