My biggest hope is certainty in the market. Having this would allow us to invest in the future, whether that’s around increasing diversity, developing new technologies or just making the industry better.

Lucy Homer

Lendlease takes a selective approach to work and as part of this we renewed our focus on public sector projects last year. This approach is already proving successful and the scale and scope of projects we have secured in the public sector over the past 12 months have exceeded our expectations. We expect these opportunities to grow at the same pace over the next 12 months and will be looking to convert and deliver more large-scale public sector projects as a result.

Resolution: To bring the best of the private sector into the public sector. The areas where Lendlease really makes a difference – such as excellence in design management; engaging the supply chain early; designing it once; and managing quality, time and cost – can all add massive benefits.

But at the moment, these are the exceptions rather than the norm in public sector contracting. In the post-Carillion world, this kind of insight and expertise will be essential if we are to restore the public’s confidence in the construction projects that are funded by them.

Lucy Homer, executive general manager, design and technical at Lendlease Europe

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