It’s very difficult to look beyond the current state of politics; it seems inconceivable that any serious government would actively pursue a strategy to make us poorer.

Mark Robinson

I hope the government’s industry engagement continues and look forward to working through Revo to help inform and shape the High Street Task Force, which could be a real driver for change. The retail occupational market will be tough, but we will start to get a feel for where true value lies and make plans accordingly. Some exemplar projects, partnership and strategies will emerge to lead and inspire the much-needed change to our towns and retail places.

Resolution: The Revo strategy board has backed me to focus on working collaboratively with government on its high street interventions, continue to press for business rates reform for retail, promote best practice in public-private partnerships (PPPs) and instigate real change in the relationship between landlords and tenants through our CEO forum. Quite a to-do list, but Revo has never been better placed to make a real difference for all of our members.

Mark Robinson, President at Revo

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