I hope we can begin to regain some of the trust our sector has lost. Our consultation this year showed that a lack of trust on all sides has tarnished the concept of PPPs.

Matthew Weiner

I hope to see more projects putting communities at their heart and creating innovative schemes that respond to long-term need, not short-term gain.

It might sound like wishful thinking, but if the industry is to survive – and thrive – we need to take our impact on communities and society seriously.

Thoughtful, mixed-use regeneration will become more important. Conventional ways of thinking about places and space standards for housing will become obsolete as we change the way we live, work and shop, prioritising affordability and convenience over postcodes.

I think we’ll start seeing more local authorities being bolder in their town centre interventions to respond to these changes.

Resolution: To keep challenging the way we do things and be bold enough to change them for the better. We recently made several business commitments on how we’ll approach and monitor our PPP projects and I look forward to putting those into action in 2019 – starting with appointing a non-executive director to oversee our new Community Challenge Panel.

Outside work, to complete the Jewish Care complex I’m overseeing on time and budget and achieve some work/life balance, starting with setting a decent score on my new Star Wars pinball machine.

 Matthew Weiner, chief executive at U+I