Who could not start 2019 with some degree of trepidation? The political chess game is as tedious as it is exhausting.

Nick Leslau

But whatever the outcome, as long as we leave I remain as positive as I always have been as to the UK’s prospects. Many overseas investor friends who invest in the UK I know feel similarly.

Challenges will be plentiful but the ultimate goal is dislocation and the rebuilding of a nation otherwise sleepwalking into an undemocratic, corrupt and ultimately financially failing European project. Investment opportunities will appear here, but caution at times like this requires pricing to reflect the risks. We are not there yet.

Resolution: I had a hip operation over the holidays and have had to learn to take things slowly and be patient. It’s been a tough but good lesson. In 2019, I will be working hard at becoming a less impatient and more tolerant person in business.

Nick Leslau, chairman of Prestbury Investments

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