Top of my list is that, whatever the outcome, Brexit is resolved amicably and reasonably rapidly. 

Robert Wolstenholme

We can then get on with demonstrating to the money of the world that Britain represents a superb investment opportunity and not a liability. The UK is home to some of the most creative and innovative businesses in the world. I hope and believe they will continue to thrive and grow. I expect many businesses will focus on risk management and cost savings rather than chasing new ideas and expansion. More occupiers will look for space in affordable office markets close to where their staff want to be. This continues to give us conviction in places like East London (beyond the more obvious city fringe locations) and cities that have ‘zeitgeist’ appeal, like Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

Resolution: Looking back to past cyclical inflection points there is nothing better than hard graft and long, thoughtful reinvention. I will try to avoid ‘pizza nights’ and find more time for mindfulness and the yoga and running clubs at our next-gen workplace, Republic. I am leaning towards a staycation.

Robert Wolstenholme, founder and chief exective of Trilogy Real Estate

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